Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove my original mat before installing my 3D Car Mat?

Yes, our factory recommends that all original mats should be removed as our mats are laser measured and made to fit your car without any extra mat on top/below.

Mats do not fit well?

  • Check if your original mats are removed.
  • Please double check the underside of our 3D Car Mat to find the white tag that states your car model & year of manufacture. If there is a mistake, please do not use the mats and contact Best Tech System Automotive @ Tel: 6367 1882 / Mobile: 9821 7408

Car Seat keeps hitting and pushing the mat.

  • Check if your original mats are removed.
  • The unique feature of our 3D Mat is with the “raised side”, it offers all round protection from dirt/ liquid from spilling onto the car floor.(Due to the “raised” side, It is recommended to remove all original carpet before installing our 3D Mat, as another layer of carpet will raise our 3D car mat height to come into contact with the seat lowest position. By removing, it will reduce the point of contact)
  • Car original carpet might be slightly uneven due to the presence wire harness below. Some part of the car is not made of carpet hence our Maxpider grip is not able to grip.(As our mats are moulded in a “tray” design and it is hard, uneven car floor area might raise the height of our mats making it not fit perfectly)
  • Certain minor modifications made to car interior (factory/aftermarket) could affect perfect fitment.

3D Curve Edges fold inwards slightly after usage

  • Due to the weather conditions in Singapore/ inside car environment, the 3D curve edge would sometimes fold inwards by 5 – 10%.
  • Curve edges are made to be slightly softer to ensure maximum durability rather than making it hard and brittle which will crack overtime after prolong usage.
  • Our factory advised that whenever you clean your mats, you would have to bend it outwards before putting it back into your car.

Does our 3D Car Mat come with a warranty?

All 3D products come with a 1 year manufacturing defects warranty. Please contact Best Tech System Automotive @ Tel: 6367 1882 / Mobile: 9821 7408 for any issues faced.

Where is 3D Car Mat made from?

We have a total of 3 factories worldwide namely USA, Taiwan & Shanghai with a total annual production of 13 million sets per year.

How do you clean the 3D Car Mats?

  • Please clean the car mat regularly with our 3D Car Brush Beater/Cleaner to remove loose debris.
  • If the car mat is extremely dirty, please use water or mild detergent/soap without alcohol to wash thoroughly.

How our 3D Mats perform and compare to other conventional rival mats/coil mats?

  • Coil mats/Conventional rival mats are soft
    • It will start to move around and might trap in between accelerator & brake pedal which is a safety issue that may lead to an accident.
    • It will start to fold down as it is soft and does not grip onto car carpet
    • Usage of Spikes/Velcro may spoil car’s original carpet
  • Absence of 3D raised edge means excessive dirt or liquid spill would flow down to car original carpet.
    • Need frequent vacuuming as dirt will accumulate below mat
  • Coil mats/Conventional rival mats trap dirt
    • No matter how much you try to clean/hit the mat, it cannot be fully cleaned
    • Water gets trap within dirt and it is hard to dry. Overtime it will cause the Air-con system to have musty smell due to mould.
  • Coil mats/Conventional rival mats are extremely heavy
    • Hard to remove to clean

How many colours of 3D Car Mats do we have?

We have a total of 3 colours which consist of Black, Beige and Grey. However based on feedback from previous customers, black is the most popular colour as:

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Stains does not show up easily
  • Black colour matches nicely with Grey, Beige or Black interiors

Can I buy just the driver side or front set 3D Car Mat?

We do not sell only the front set / driver side as when production of 3D Car Mats are done, our machines mould produces 3 – 5 pieces (1 set) per run.

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