3D Universal Cargo Liner

Our product’s quality meets all international standards and tests. In addition, have obtained the following Certifications and Patents:
* USA Patent No. 408342-6261667
* Japan Invention No. 3341113-3435451
* Germany Patent No. 29912667.6W

  • Cut-to-fit trim lines to offer 100% protection for your car’s cargo/boot area.
  • Made of Non-Toxic & Eco-friendly material which is odourless unlike PVC mats that has strong smell & harmful effects
  • Tested for Non-Toxic Material in accordance to ROHS DIRECTIVE 2012/95/EC
  • Made of Special Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) that is durable and will not deform over time.
  • Second layer XPE/PET material is well ventilated to prevent moisture/ bacteria from accumulating underneath the carpet which is the main cause “Bad Odour” in your vehicles due to humid conditions in Singapore
  • Washable & dries fast compared to most aftermarket mats
  • 100% Waterproof & Dirt Proof
  • 100% Safe
  • Non-Flammability Test in Accordance to RESEARCH & TESTING CENTRE
  • Patented “Maxpider” grip technology will not damage the original carpet, unlike others that uses “Velcro” & “Spikes / Studs”
  • Sound Insulation / Shock Absorbent Thermostatic
  • Lightweight / Ease of removal for Dusting, Washing & Vacuuming