Car Mats design with Function & Style

The Innovative Car Floor Liner Designs

3D Custom Car Floor Liner Designs for Function and Style

When it comes to looking for car accessories to make your car better, safer, and more stylish, your mind will simply think of car mats as the must-have item to keep your car's interior clean. With so many brands and products out there, it can be challenging to figure out what you need. 

There are two types of mats for you to choose from: the universal car mats that are one-size, all-weather mats with limited protection, and the custom-fit floor liner that are customized and made for every car model with better coverage and protection towards your interior. That's where 3D Mats step in! 

We designed two best selling modern custom-fit car mats to make a difference in your driving experience with safety while upgrading your car's interior comfort and appearance with a revolutionary look. Check out these game-changing car floor liner designs!

The future of custom fit rubber floor mats


KAGU All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner

The KAGU All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner is a favorite amongst many for its key features:

  • Raised edges
  • Precise measurement and digitized fit
  • Patented anti-skid MAXpider technology
  • Stylish design describes the KAGU floor liner with much eloquence: “An incredible looking mat with even more incredible performance.” And that’s exactly what the KAGU All-Weather offers car owners— performance that goes beyond expectations. 

When it comes to functionality, the KAGU guarantees a perfect fit, exactly wrapping your vehicle’s contours and corners according to its exact measurements. It offers a three-layer structure design: the top layer is a stylish carbon fiber design made of thermoplastic rubber, which is fully waterproof to provide extreme protection against spillage and food crumbs. Its middle layer is a cushion material known as XPE foam, which offers optimum comfort for drivers and reduces foot fatigue. The bottom layer is an innovative technology design patent, Anti-skid MAXpider, which keeps the floor liner in place with no chance of causing your pedal/accelerator to get stuck, guaranteeing a safe drive. 

3D Mats Maxpider custom floor mats for vehicles in detail


ROYAL Perfect Fit Carpet Car Mats 

The ROYAL Perfect Fit Carpet Car Mats is our new Updated Carpet Floor Liner, meant to replace our older CLASSIC Carpet floor liner. Designed especially for drivers who are interested in style, an extra cushioned feel, and overall appearance. This perfect alternative to OEM carpet mats offers an effective defensive scheme against stains with a “debris containment zone.”

The ELEGANT Perfect Fit Carpet Floor Liner is an upgrade from the Classic Carpet Floor Liner

The ROYAL Perfect Fit Carpet Floor Liner is an upgrade from the Classic Carpet Floor Liner

The elevated edges of the 3D ROYAL MAXpider car mats enable your vehicle floor liner to resist dirt, spillage, debris, sand, and whatever kind of mess that may find its way into your vehicle. 

3D Mats Singapore: Your Go-To Shop for Innovative Car Floor Liners

Not only do these innovative car floor liners deliver performance and style, but prolonged exposure to the sun’s heat won’t be a problem either, since these car floor liners are made with a non-toxic material — which makes them the perfect choice for car owners with family and children. 

From the KAGU or ROYAL Carpet Series, you can expect nothing but the best of premium product technology built into each and every car floor liner and automotive accessories from 3D Mats Singapore. 

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