Personalized Car Floor Mats That Keep Your Vehicle Looking Brand New

When a car owner purchases a new car, it’s always practical to think two steps ahead on how to maintain your car market value. This is why car buyers often debate the pros and cons of whether to buy a brand new car or take a look at second-hand vehicles. 

If you are getting a new car, whether it’s fresh from the factory or “new to you”, we recommend that you maintain its interior from the moment you get in the driver’s seat.

Custom Molded Car Mats for Cars & SUVs can provide your vehicle the interior protection it needs to sustain the look and justify its value. When you decide to trade in your car or sell it privately, it will help protect the resale value of your car. Some owners even add the value of the floor mat to the value of the car and sell it together. Here at 3D Mats, we deliver nothing but the latest 3D laser scan custom fit car mats. Our Car Mats display technological innovation, functional for all drivers' need, and visually appealing. We carry a diverse line of designs for a variety of brands, models, and vehicle types.

If you have a used car that you consider reselling in the future, here’s a way to maintain it as attractive as when you first bought it. Choose the car mats that protect your interior flooring of your vehicle from no debris, dirt, or dust from damaging.


When comparing all-weather car mat to other types of car mats, such as rubber, fabric, curly, or vinyl, you will want to look at a range of factors to decide on which fits your car the best. Apart from considering the cost, you will also have to check for the following:

  • How effective does this car mat protect my vehicle?
  • Does the car mat cover the entire floor area of my vehicle?
  • Does the car mat is anti slip?
  • Is the car floor liner waterproof?
  • Is the car floor liner difficult to remove, clean, and install?

Given the range of options out in the market, you’ll find that All-weather car mat delivers the best performance in terms of functionality. All-weather car floor mats often utilize thick and durable materials combined with engineered designs to protect a vehicle’s interior from dirt and grime, and help it stay fresh and new for years. These all-weather car floor mats also provide car owners with different ways to prevent the mat from slipping away from position, like Velcro or spiked bottom layers.

But while it can be effective in protecting your car floors from spillages, such as food morsels or drink stains, how well does it go with your car?


This is where 3D floor mats come in as the solution to providing all-weather vehicle floor liners for a wide selection of car makes and year models. 

With 3D Car Mats, you can expect premium design and sophisticated technology, such as our patented MAXpider car floor mats, which secure the vehicle liners in place without damaging your car’s original flooring or carpeting.

Imagine the advantages of an all-weather 3D car mat built to perfectly protect the interior of your car:

  • Covers the exact floor area of your vehicle
  • The elevated design structure extends more protection
  • Waterproof materials keep it protected from spillage
  • Durable materials are used to ensure its longevity
  • Enjoy a range of designs and colors that give your vehicle a premium feel
  • Innovative floor mat features add value to your vehicle

So, should you ever think about selling your sedan, pickup, SUV, or any four-wheel vehicle for that matter, make sure to keep its interior flooring in tiptop shape with cost-effective and tastefully designed personalized floor mats for cars.


As a pioneer in 3D car mat designs, we make sure that our customers experience the best in functional and stylistic design. 

Choose from our selection of modern and custom-made floor mats for various vehicle types:


The Kagu All-Weather Custom Fit Car Mat delivers an innovative three-layer structure that ensures your car is safe to drive, clean to use, easy to maintain, and beautiful to look at 24/7. 

With a thermoplastic rubber as the surface layer’s primary material, it is waterproof, dries quickly when spilled on, and lightweight. It features a classy carbon fiber texture design, and is available in black— ready to go with any vehicle’s interior.

The middle layer of this all-weather 3D car mat is made of a non-toxic and eco-friendly semi-hard XPE foam to provide a comfortable driving experience by reducing foot fatigue and dampening noise.

And lastly, the bottom layer features the anti-skid MAXpider technology for a safer driving experience.



The Perfect Fit Carpet Floor Liner provides new car owners with a luxurious feel, alongside the innovative features of a three-layered structure design. 

With a special double twisted polypropylene (PP) tufted carpet, your vehicle’s interior immediately levels up in style.

Enjoy the benefits that come with a digitized fit, raised edge design, and anti-skid MAXpider bottom layer for lightweight, quick-drying, and eco-friendly personalized car floor mats.


The Elegant PREMIUM Car Mat that provides an luxurious and comfortable experience to the owner and Sound insulator with its thickness and materials properties.

You get to experience the benefits of the three-layered structure – from the Special Double Twisted Polypropylene (PP) Carpet comfort to the cushioned inner layer and MAXpider anti-skid bottom layer.

You can compliment your car interior with any 9 colour options while getting an Elegance Style that goes well with any car interior.



Similar to the 3D KAGU Car Mat that won Red Dot Design Award, provides you with all the innovative features and unique advantages of a 3D car mats but designed to fit in the back trunk area.

As an all-weather boot liner, it’s the perfect complement to your reliable truck, SUV, or van—whether it’s a Mercedes, Ford, or Dodge. Available in black, the personalized vehicle cargo liner’s surface layer can endure the weight and volume of your camping gear, supplies, hard cases, and luggage.

Keep your vehicle’s cargo carpet clean and protected without compromising on design with the Kagu’s carbon fiber texture design in a brick wall pattern.